Adobe, why ZIP a DMG?

Adobe Fail
Is the %0.3 smaller size really worth it?

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  1. jrk on Jul 24th, 2009 - 7:26 pm Reply this comment

    DMG files are published with a MIME type of application/x-apple-diskimage. As many web server administrators tend to be less knowledgeable about Apple-specific file types, this MIME type is often not set, resulting in the user experience of attempting to download DMG files as text directly to the browser window, forcing the use of a control-click or similar workaround to download the file. For this reason, DMG files may be distributed as bzip2 (.dmg.bz2) or ZIP ( files. These wrappers typically don’t compress the file further, but rather help ensure that the files are handled correctly by the server and browser software.


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